Dog walking

Enjoy many scenic trails with your dog.

Year-round dog walking


You can walk your leashed dog on the Capital Pathway at any time of year. In the Greenbelt, these paths are:

  • Greenbelt Pathway East
  • Greenbelt Pathway West
  • Watts Creek Pathway

Throughout the year, you can let your dog run free at the two off-leash dog areas in the Greenbelt. These are located at Bruce Pit (P12) and Conroy Pit (P17).

April 15 to November 30

You may walk your leashed pet on most Greenbelt trails managed by the NCC. There are, however, some trails where dogs are prohibited. In most areas, these restrictions are for conservation reasons.

December 1 to April 14

In winter, dogs are not allowed on any Greenbelt trails. The trails are reserved for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

No dogs or pets

Dogs are not permitted at any time on the following trails:

Shirleys Bay

  • Shoreline Trail

Stony Swamp

  • Jack Pine Trail
  • Beaver Trail and Chipmunk Trail
  • Sarsaparilla Trail
  • Old Quarry Trail

Mer Bleue

  • Mer Bleue Boardwalk
  • Dewberry Trail
  • Carlsbad Springs

Pine Grove

  • Equestrian Trail

Gatineau Park

You can walk your leashed dog on the following trails at any time of year:

  • Sugarbush Trail (Chelsea)
  • Lauriault Trail (Mackenzie King Estate)
  • Pioneers Trail (Hull sector of Gatineau)

April 15 to November 30

You can walk your leashed pet on most marked, officially recognized trails from April 15 to November 30. The only exceptions are the three trails (10 kilometres) where dogs are not permitted at anytime.

No dogs or pets

Three Gatineau Park trails are in areas that have fragile ecosystems. In order to conserve and protect these ecosystems, dogs are not permitted on these trails:

  • Pink Lake Trail
  • King Mountain Trail
  • Luskville Falls Trail

Also, dogs are not permitted at Gatineau Park beaches, picnic areas and campgrounds.

This restriction does not apply to people accompanied by service dogs.