Gatineau Park Master Plan

The Gatineau Park Master Plan is the long-term plan for the development, use and management of Gatineau Park, the Capital’s conservation park. The plan envisions Gatineau Park as a model for protecting natural and cultural heritage.

Strategic objectives for Gatineau Park

Meech Lake

Meech Lake

The Gatineau Park Master Plan (2005) has six strategic objectives.

  1. Environment
    Conservation of the Park’s significant ecosystems and natural environments
  2. Recreation
    Recreational experiences that respect the Park’s environment
  3. Regional integration
    As the Capital’s conservation park, Gatineau Park contributes to local environmental goals and quality of life
  4. Heritage
    Enhancement of the Capital’s heritage resources in the Park
  5. National symbol and communication
    Gatineau Park represents a Canadian commitment to environmental conservation
  6. Management
    Park management approach focused on conservation

Gatineau Park Master Plan renewal

We will begin the renewal of the 2005 Gatineau Park Master in 2017, by undertaking public and stakeholder consultations. Subscribe to our newsletter, and stay tuned about how you can get involved.